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Beauty Testing Our Way

Updated: Jan 15

Ten years ago, beauty product testing was a much different process than today.

Back then, test groups were often smaller and less diverse; products tested were typically focused on skincare, and the questions asked weren’t framed to deliver data for use on social or digital platforms. Today, we know that in order to have a successful product test, the very testing process itself has to move away from the old process and embrace an entirely new mindset, both in terms of protocol and outcomes.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Media Lab Science has been able to take beauty product testing to the next level. Able to draw from a diverse pool of participants from all ethnicities and skin types, our usage tests are designed and executed to test on consumers more similar to the end user than traditional testing. By specifically looking for a participant who not only has the problems you are testing to address but who is also your target consumer, the data we gather lets brands create in-market claims and see immediate validation of product efficacy and key points of difference straight from a real consumers experience. Our data goes from testing to online seamlessly and quickly.

How we create a better product usage test

1. We start with the right consumers. When recruiting for trials, we specifically recruit participants who can speak from experience to the problems your product aims to solve, and don’t ‘stuff’ panels with people just to meet quotas.

2. We ask the right questions. The questions asked during and after your trial provide the answers that power your claims. If you don’t ask targeted questions that apply to the consumer answering, all you will end up with is unusable data AND a void in your results that could have been averted.

3. We help you empower your data. Once you’ve finished your testing, it’s time to let it shine which is where we are different. Media Lab Science uses Hollywood film techniques to highlight and capture your data in an immediately usable and relevant way for all social channels and any other marketing needs. Social and digital are the language and currency of today’s beauty consumer. Testing without taking into account how your data can be used digitally is missing a huge opportunity to engage consumers where they are—online liking and following away.

In every way, consumers have moved away from wanting a one-size fits all approach—especially in beauty. Conducting a product test that allows for and meets this preference is the best way to ensure your new product is just what your actual target consumer wants.

Based in Los Angeles, Media Lab Science is a one of a kind clinical testing lab at the forefront of executing comprehensive clinical trials, as well as before and after photography and consumer perception videos in order to help brands create rock solid claims that matter to today’s consumer. Our team of acclaimed industry leaders understands how to design a testing protocol that tackles the challenges of today’s online environment to deliver data brands can use immediately.

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