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  • Ameann DeJohn

Consumer Testing Studies in 8 - 12 Weeks (Step by Step!)

At Media Lab Science we provide consumer usage testing and create social content for beauty brands to prove product efficacy and help brands grow and build credibility. We show consumers how well a product works through before and after photos and video testimonials of real people.

Step 1: Determine Your Claim

In-house consumer testing gives you real consumer feedback and experiences with your product to create strategic marketing claims!

Step 2: Conversational Style Video Reviews

In-use consumer testing reveals relatable conversational style reviews of your products for social marketing.

Step 3: Peer Reviews

People with “real skin” discuss how your product made a difference!

Step 4: Before and After

Exclusive to MLS and new-to-the-market before and after shots show your product efficacy in a powerful and undeniable way.

Step 5: Selfies

MLS exclusive - professionally shot photo and video selfies and B-Roll to highlight your brand’s efficacy in a way that feels like user-generated content.

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With Hollywood film experts and direct access to studios and trade secrets we create visually stunning content for your marketing use.

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