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What Makes A Great Consumer Perception Study?

Updated: Jan 15

Every beauty brand wants consumers to form a love connection with their products and become a loyal buyer from first use. Getting to the heart of these love connections is where Media Lab Science shines. Our consumer perception studies gather relatable, compelling claims from your most valuable resource—your consumer—in a casual, conversational style that is proven to reveal real, usable data that validates your product's efficacy and key points of difference.

Why do perception studies matter? Beauty brands of all kinds rely on consumers using their products and then raving about the results to help garner awareness and interest. But not all studies create the kind of data that matters to today’s consumer. In 2022, beauty buyers want transparency and to trust that the cosmetics and skincare they buy are going to help someone like them specifically. When they read consumer perception claims, they expect those claims to also come from someone who is similar to them. Who shares their skin tone, their skin concerns, and wants a similar outcome. A well-run consumer trial accounts for these expectations to ensure well-rounded results.

Consumers are 92% more likely to trust their peers over advertising when it comes to purchasing decisions. (source: Digital Intelligence Today)

Our Validated Process

· Casual, conversational style. We interview participants in a relaxed environment, asking targeted, beauty-oriented questions that produce valuable data points which can be used across multiple platforms.

· Real women, not models. We speak to women with ‘real skin’, and real lifestyles that match your target consumer to find out how your product made a difference and the results it produced which resonates with consumers.

· Expert footage. Our crews are staffed with professionals from the Hollywood movie industry who understand video and how to achieve great results on film. We integrate the right lighting, set design, filming angles, and styling to ensure a gorgeous footage reel you will actually want to use, and that will immediately enhance your social and digital media channels.

· Beauty first. Our Media Lab Science teams are beauty experts and veterans who understand the industry, your products, and how to chat with participants about their experience in a productive way. This expertise gives us insight into what claims will help your particular product stand out in the marketplace, and—helps participants feel comfortable and relaxed for a more natural (and real) response. With guided, premeditated brand-specific questions, we extract pertinent and market-relevant information to give you the most valuable in-use claims and statements. ​

Don’t leave your consumer’s perception of your brand and products to chance. Instead, prioritize a professional perception study that is targeted and executed to connect you with consumer feedback that matters, and that provides immediately relevant, usable data and trustworthy results.

Contact us today to see how claims and perception studies can grow your brand!

Based in Los Angeles, Media Lab Science is a one of a kind clinical testing lab at the forefront of executing comprehensive clinical trials, as well as before and after photography and consumer perception videos in order to help brands create rock solid claims that matter to today’s consumer. Our team of acclaimed industry leaders understands how to design a testing protocol that tackles the challenges of today’s online environment to deliver data brands can use immediately.

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